Age discrimination in your job search? Just move on.

Do job seekers run into age discrimination?  Absolutely.

It is legal?  No.

Is it worth fighting over while conducting a job search?  NO!

I am not saying that age discrimination is acceptable.  I am saying not to dig holes where you know there is no treasure.

If you know a company discriminates based on age then walk away.  Look for a company that will treat you well.  Look for a company that searches for and hires people based on what they can accomplish.

I know I am a contrarian here but put the date of your degree on your resume!  If a company is going to discriminate based on age let them do it up front.  Do not try to fool them or waste your precious time in an interview that will not go anywhere.  Would you really want to work at a company that practices age discrimination?  Would you want to be fighting that battle every day just to be able to do your job?

Let me suggest another viewpoint; in the coming years as talent gets harder to find which companies are going to grow and thrive?  Those that discriminate and limit their talent pool?  Or those that embrace diversity?

If you run into a company that discriminates you should walk away.  And tell others so that they will not waste their time and can walk away also.  Leave the company die a cold and lonely death.

I have done this as a consultant.  I have walked away from companies that have discriminatory hiring practices.  I do not want to work for companies like that and I certainly cannot sell them to my candidates.

There are a lot of great companies out there.  There are companies that care about their people.  Work hard to find one.  Find your treasure and thrive.

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