Do not do this if you want a job

I am working on some positions for a client that I thought would be hard because they are AS/400 positions and there are not many people doing that work any more.  But they are also telecommute positions…. I thought that might draw some people so I posted the positions nationally.  After 7 days the posting has over 1000 hits and I have received about 120 resumes.

I have 8 positions to fill and 4 different type of positions.  I would expect an applicant to tell me which position interested them, and attach a resume.  Unfortunately about two thirds of the applicants did not bother to tell me which position they wanted, so I have been forced to open most of the resumes just to do a pre-sort.

Imagine my surprise to open one resume to see the following comment “Sorry no resume is available.  I will furnish one if invited to an interview.  Thank you”

Not only did the person not tell me what position they wanted, but I had no way to determine which position the person wanted, let alone determine if they were qualified for an interview.  And since I had 119 other applicants (granted probably 1/3 of them not qualified) why would I bother to contact this person?  The message is going into the ‘No Interest” folder.  Typically I would file the message and forget it.  But I was annoyed enough at the waste of my time to write this blog.

What can other readers take away from this?

  1. Do not waste the time of the recruiter.
  2. Provide the recruiter with the information desired.
  3. Do not present the recruiter an attitude.  If the recruiter is nice enough to reply back to you to ask for additional information (or maybe the resume you forgot to attach) be nice and thankful.

Why? Because if you do not then you will be put in the reject folder.  Respect the recruiter’s time (like you should every person with whom you connect on your job search) and you increase your odds at success.

I am a recruiter.  I like to find people jobs and put them to work in jobs they like.  It is not fun to slog through 120 resumes when most of them are poorly written and I cannot figure out what the person is looking for.

Please be helpful and make the life of a recruiter easier.  It is worth your time.

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2 Responses to Do not do this if you want a job

  1. voltaic says:

    Recruiters could also be more forthcoming with information, such as a salary, benefits, hours, qualifications that are both required and those that are optional. So to the recruiters out there:
    Do not waste the time of the job applicant.
    Provide the job applicant with the information desired.
    Do not present the job applicant an attitude.

  2. John Predmore says:

    A recruiter is a professional with a job to perform. Many recruiters only get paid for their time if and when they close the deal with a qualified applicant. I consider them like realtors, who facilitate the market and the process of matching buyer and seller. Sure, a recruiter makes money on the transaction, but everyone benefits when the deal closes. If I were looking for a house, I would not think of being rude to a real estate professional, or wasting their time.

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