Me? I do not have time to read blogs…

This month’s Career Development Carnival is about my favorite blogs that I read that help to develop my career.

Well I am going to be honest here as I would guess that my thoughts are going to be similar to that of many of the readers of the CDC.

I just do not have time to read blogs all that often.  As a recruiter I am a member of many technical groups, linkedin groups, networking groups, blogs, and networking lists. I even have a separate email address just for that.  I cannot keep up with all those.  I scan the subject of a message and if it sounds interesting I do not delete it immediately.  Occasionally I have slow day and I open some of those messages and go to the links and read.  But read 10 blogs on a regular basis? I just do not have time.

I do not feel guilty.  I do what I can. I read what I can.  I imagine that many of the readers will feel relief that someone else said what they were thinking.

That said there are a few that I do like.  Those blogs that follow are those that I have read multiple times, though I do not pretend to be a regular.

The Linkedin Personal Trainer. This is written by a local Rochesterian Steve Tylock  who by day has an IT consulting business.  He is one of the first people I knew to get into linkedin.  When I have questions about linkedin I write to him so that he can blog about it.  I have been involved in some of the discussions on his site.  I recommend his site on a regular basis.

Jeffrey Gitomer. To be blunt here, most of what I read from Jeff Gitomer is in print in the Rochester Business Journal.  But I will occasionally go to his web site, and he is one of few people (less than 5) that I actually follow on twitter.  Sales is one of my least favorite parts of my job.  But Jeff’s approach to sales is based on ethics, integrity, and providing real value.  He is my only sales coach.

The next two are going to sound funny because they are the two founders of the Career Development Carnival.

Elephants at Work.  I have HR training, and I do some HR stuff, but sometimes I run into situations that are beyond me.  I often turn to Lynn.  I ask her questions so that she can write about the answers.  She has original articles that interest me more often than most others. I really appreciate her perspective.

Career Sherpa.  If I was looking for a job this is the blog I would read the most. Hannah is a wonderfully knowledgeable person about job search strategies.  I just do not know how she has time to read and write so much.  She must be a robot who does not need sleep. I recommend people to her on a regular basis.

Well that is all.  I know that Seth Godin has a blog and when I have time I will find that.  Some day I will look up to see if Susan Cain (author of “Quiet”) has a blog.

I will leave you with one link that is NOT a blog, but a video.  It is one that has changed how I look at people when recruiting, how I ask about what people want, and how I write advertising for the jobs I am working.

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

Peace and Health,


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  1. Lynn Dessert says:

    You always have interesting stories to share with me and that’s why it is easy to write Elephants at Work because it is about real people with sticky situations.

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